Zybax Professional Starter Kit

Kit includes:pro-starter

  • 12 bottles of 1 litre Zybax Fresh – makes up to 300 litres
  • Our commercial use 5 Litre pressure spay unit
  • 1 750ml bottle of Zybax Air
  • 2 Zybax trigger applicators
  • Zybax User Guide

1 ltr copyZybax Fresh

Zybax Fresh is ideal for eliminating odours from carpets, upholstery and curtains, washrooms, floors, walls, etc and can be used to clean toilets and urinals.

Fresh is a low-foam product and can be used in most types of carpet- shampooing equipment. It can also be applied by trigger spray, pressure spray or by using mops, cloths, etc.

Pressure and trigger sprays, scrubber driers, carpet shampooers, rotary cleaning machines, mops, cloths, etc

Carpets, upholstery, tiles, walls, floors and any other hard surfaces

airZybax Air

The perfect partner for the Zybax odour eliminator range.

It doesn’t matter how clean your space is, if odours linger then people are naturally repelled.

Zybax Air combines our Odourbond™ technology to eliminate the source of the smell, with an air-freshener to sweeten your environment.

Unlike conventional air-fresheners which simply mask smells with strong fragrances, Zybax Air eliminates odours by bonding to the odour molecules and chemically altering its properties, only leaving behind the smell of fresh mint.

Ready-to-use trigger spray

Any area where Zybax is being used, or just to freshen up any room with a wonderful fresh, clean smell

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