Zybax Quick Starter Kit

Kit includes:starter

  • 4 bottles of 1 litre Zybax Ultra –makes up to 100 litres
  • Our purpose-designed 1.5 Litre pump spray
  • 1 750ml bottle of Zybax Air
  • 2 Zybax trigger applicators
  • Zybax User Guide

1 ltr copy 2Zybax Ultra

Zybax Ultra is the ultimate odour eliminator. Containing no harmful chemicals, Zybax Ultra is totally environment-friendly but ultra-powerful.

Instant action Odourbond™ uses specially formulated odour bonding reagents to attack odours on a molecular level; changing the structure so you can no longer smell it.

Highly effective against a huge variety of odours ranging from urine, cigarette smoke, refuse to faeces, vomit and sour milk. Once Odourbond™ has got to work, Zybax friendly bacteria start to multiply- releasing enzymes and breaking down the waste and removing the cause of the odour – therefore eliminating the source of the problem.

Zybax uses specially developed cleaners that are tough on grease, dirt and stubborn soiling – cleaning and removing dirt deposits. Once the Odourbond™ bacteria and cleaning actions have worked, Zybax will leave a fresh mint fragrance; giving total confidence and satisfaction that any area is clean, odour-free and fresh.

A low-foam product and can be used in most types of carpet-shampooing equipment. It can also be applied by trigger spray, pressure spray or by using mops, cloths, etc.

Can be used on any surface not normally harmed by water such as carpets, upholstery and curtains, washrooms, floors, walls, etc and can be used to clean washrooms, bathrooms, toilets and urinals.

airZybax Air

The perfect partner for the Zybax odour eliminator range.

It doesn’t matter how clean your space is, if odours linger then people are naturally repelled.

Zybax Air combines our Odourbond™ technology to eliminate the source of the smell, with an air-freshener to sweeten your environment.

Unlike conventional air-fresheners which simply mask smells with strong fragrances, Zybax Air eliminates odours by bonding to the odour molecules and chemically altering its properties, only leaving behind the smell of fresh mint.get-kit

Ready-to-use trigger spray

Any area where Zybax is being used, or just to freshen up any room with a wonderful fresh, clean smell