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Meleco Magic Eraser

Meleco Magic Eraser

Gets rid of flaws, stains and hard to shift marks

This handy lightweight sponge is the ideal cleaning aid for a multitude of jobs. This special melamine resin foam has a fine cellular structure allowing maximum absorption and cleaning power. Meleco removes dust and dirt from most non-porous surfaces, even hot ones.
Meleco can be used wet or dry for cleaning or dusting without the need for detergents or cleaning chemicals, making it very environment-friendly. Meleco leaves a smear-free finish on office equipment, tiles, paintwork, glass, mirrors, plastics and steel, and can be used on bathroom, kitchen and many other surfaces. Being flame-retardant, it makes light work of cleaning hot surfaces such as cooker-tops.

Independently tested by online cleaning magazine Tomorrow’s Cleaning editor Charlotte Taylor.

Available in a variety of pack sizes.

Size of sponge: 14cm x 7cm x 2cm
Size of 100 sponges: 14cm x 7cm x 200cm (19600 cubic cm)

For comparison:
JML Huge Block 32cm x 13cm x 4cm (1664 cubic cm)
Lakeland Block 11cm x 7cm x 4cm (308 cubic cm)
Also available in 10’s, 30’s, 60’s and 90’s.